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United Kingdom

Access to Law

(Legal resources sourced by Inner Temple Library)

British & Irish Legal Information Institute


British Parliamentary Publications

(Ford Collection)

British Non-Parliamentary Publications

(Ford Collection)

Hansard Society

(for Parliamentary Democracy)

House of Commons

(Parliamentary Business)

House of Lords

(Second Chamber of UK Parliament)

Institute of Advanced Legal Studies


(all UK legislation)

Study of Parliament Group

UK Supreme Court

UK Parliament

(Parliamentary Bills)

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Belgian Association for Documentation

European Court of Human Rights


European Institute of Public Administration


Irish Legal Information Initiative


Judicial Committee of the Privy Council


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Other Jurisdictions / International

American Association of Law Libraries


Australian Law Librarians' Association


Canadian Association of Law Libraries


Clarity International

(Association promoting plain legal language)

Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel


International Association of Law Libraries


New Zealand Law Librarians Association


Organisation of South African Law Libraries


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