14 July 2022, 6pm
The Rt Hon. The Lord Faulks QC

Lord Faulks will discuss the report of the Independent Review of Administrative LawLord Faulks was Chair of the Panel which was disbanded in January 2021 following the submission of their report to Government.

This event will be held online or in person at UCL Faculty of Law, Bentham House, 4-8 Endsleigh Gardens, London WC1H 0EG.  Booking will open shortly.



9 November 2022, 6pm

Dame Elizabeth Gardiner DCB QC (Hon), First Parliamentary Counsel, will deliver the 2022 Annual Lord Renton Lecture.



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“Thinking policy through before legislating – aspirational legislation”
The 2019 Lord Renton lecture was given by Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd PC, former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales on 21 November 2019


Statutory Interpretation: The Myth of Parliamentary Intent. The 2017 Annual Lord Renton lecture given by Sir John Laws on 13 November 2017.

Reflections on biosecurity legislation in developing countries: increasing market access or maintaining unequal terms of trade?.  Slides from lecture given by Robert Black on 13 February 2017.


A View from the Crossbenches.  The 2016 Annual Lord Renton lecture given by the Rt Hon. the Lord Hope of Craighead, Convenor of the Crossbenches, on 28 November 2016.

Modern Statutory Interpretation. Lord Justice Sales, 2016.  This article is based on the text of a lecture delivered at the Society of Legal Scholars conference at St Catherine’s College, Oxford in September 2016. It was first published in the Statute Law Review.

A Recent Development in Statutory and Constitutional Interpretation in Australia.  Lecture given by Dr Christopher Walshaw of Central Queensland University on 29 February 2016.

Criminal Justice Legislation that Everyone Can Understand: a Flying Pig, or a Realistic Aspiration? Slide presentation accompanying the lecture given by Professor John Spencer QC on 25 January 2016.

Lord Renton Lecture:
“As if …. The Wonderland of Statutory Hypotheses“  Lecture given by The Rt Hon. the Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe on 3 November 2015.

What Yemshaw Could Have Said.  Lecture given by Donald L. Drakeman, Distinguished Research Professor, Program on Constitutional Studies, University of Notre Dame on 21 October 2015.

Legislation as Aspiration: Statutory Expression of Policy Goals
.  Lecture given by Professor David Feldman, Rouse Ball Professor of English Law, University of Cambridge, on 16 March 2015.

Legislative Standards.  Prof. Dawn Oliver’s speaking notes for her lecture given on 23 February 2015.   

A Colloquium on the Use of Hybrid Bills in Parliament for Major Infrastructure Projects (21 October 2014)


Scrutiny of terrorism laws: searchlight or veil?   David Anderson QC.  

Ex post facto law.  Prof. Neil Duxbury.   If you would like an offprint of the published article on which this lecture was based please apply to the SLS Administrator.

Lord Renton Lecture
Respect for law and sausages”: how Parliament made Section 31 of the Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013 on the sale of employment rights.  Lord Pannick QC.

Statute Law and Alternative Solutions: Codification, Restatement, Common Law


Lord Renton Lecture
Through a Glass Darkly: Transposing EU drafting into English Statutes.  Choices, Teleology and True Meaning.. [outline]   Lecture given by Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston QC on 26 November 2012.  

Public and Private drafting: objectives, problems, styles and approaches.  Speakers’ notes from event held jointly with Clarity on 15 October 2012.  Sir Geoffrey Bowman KCB QC.  James Kessler QC.

Judges and Legislature: Values into Law.  Sir Philip Sales, High Court Judge and member of the Statute Law Society Council.  (This paper was first published in The Cambridge Law Journal, 71, pp 287-296 (2012) and is reproduced by agreement with the Publisher.)  For information on Cambridge Journals Online click here.  

Strasbourg Jurisprudence and the Human Rights Act: A response to Lord Irvine.  Sir Philip Sales, High Court Judge and member of the Statute Law Society Council.[This article was first published by Sweet & Maxwell/Thomson Reuters (Legal) Limited in the issue of Public Law, April 2012, and is reproduced by agreement with the Publishers.]  

Teaching Legislation in United Kingdom Law Schools.  Summary of survey results.  In 2011 the Statute Law Society conducted a survey of UK law schools to find out how they teach about legislation.  The survey is part of the Statute Law Society’s ongoing “Teaching Legislation Initiative” which aims to promote and improve the teaching of statute law.

The Data Protection Act 1998 and Personal Privacy.  Lecture given by Philip Coppel QC on 19 March 2012.

Codification by Alec Samuels, member of the Council of the Statute Law Society.  Includes bibliography.


Lord Renton Lecture
General, equal and certain: law reform today and tomorrow.  Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, Master of the Rolls.   28 November 2011.

Rights-Consistent Interpretation and the Human Rights Act 1998.  An article by The Hon. Mr Justice Sales and Richard Ekins.  (First published by Thomson Reuters (Legal) Ltd in the Law Quarterly Review, April 2011, and reproduced by agreement with the Publishers.)

The judicial role in the interpretation of statutes.   Presentation given to members of the Netherlands Academy for Legislation by The Hon Mr Justice Sales, Judge of the High Court, Chancery Division and Council Member of the Statute Law Society.  April 2011

Yemshaw and the constitutionality of updating statutes.  Lecture given by Richard Ekins, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland, on 9 May 2011.

Enacting Legislation – a Civil Servant’s Perspective  Lecture given by Paul Regan, Head of Resources, Olympic and Paralympic Security Directorate, Office for Security and Counter Terrorism, Home Office. 31 January 2011.


Three Challenges to the Rule of Law in the Modern English Legal System Lecture given by The Hon Mr Justice Sales to the Statute Law Society on 10 December 2010.

Lord Renton Lecture
Giving Effect to Legislation: how to avoid missing the point  Stephen Laws CB, First Parliamentary Counsel.  10 November 2010

CONFERENCE:  LEGISLATION AND THE SUPREME COURT.  9 October 2010  held in the Supreme Court, London


Lord Renton Lecture

The Rise of the Strasbourgeoisie: Judicial Activism and the ECHR.  The Rt Hon Lord Justice Elias.

Statute Law Society Conference 2008 – Belfast
Presuming to Interpret:  Basic Principles of Law in Statutory Interpretation

A comparison of the principle of legality and section 3 of the Human Rights Act 1998. * Mr Justice Sales

Cold-blooded and warm-blooded presumptions. Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe

Presuming that Legislation Favours a Peace Process.  Prof. Brice Dickson

Skating on thin ice – what happened to ‘strict’ interpretation of criminal and tax legislation.  Prof. Stefan Vogenauer

Statutory Interpretation in the context of the Irish Constitution.  Mr Justice Hugh Geoghegan

What is legislative intent? Its content and structure .  Richard Ekins

HRA section 3 and the limits of purposive interpretation.  Jan van Zyl Smit 

* This material was first published by Thomson Reuters (Legal) Limited in The Law Quarterly Review, “A Comparison of the Principle of Legality and Section 3 of the Human Rights Act 1998″ (2009) 125 L.Q.R. 598 and is reproduced by agreement with the Publishers.